Elizabeth Cargile

3rd Grade

I am Mrs. Cargile, the Keeper of the Third Graders. I live with my husband Sean in Gering, Nebraska. My life-long dream has been teaching, and it makes me feel happy and fulfilled! I love that every day when I come to work I know that this is my ministry and my calling.  I love sharing truth with my students.  Sometimes the truth of the Bible is not what our culture considers truth, but HERE I have the freedom to tell my students that the Bible is true and the God is truth. This will be my fifth full year of teaching at CCS. Though I have not been teaching at Community Christian long, I have a long history at the school. I attended Community Christian from Pre-K through 8th grade. I was then homeschooled in high school. My degree in teaching was received at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. God promptly opened a door at CCS, and I began my 3rd grade adventure. At CCS teaching is a ministry and our teachers are passionate about wanting to be here and have a “give it all you’ve got” mindset.   Teachers are here to minister and teach God’s truth.  Our curriculum is all Christ-based, so we can have conversations about faith all through the day and not just during Bible time. I consider third grade as a year of transition. The third grader is changing from the dependent primary learner into a more independent intermediate student. My goal is to help your third grader develop the independence in study habits and internal motivation to help them in the years ahead. I know there will be times of frustration and challenge for all of us, but I know that God will use those times to teach us important life lessons and also remind us how much we need Him. I want to help empower your child to overcome frustrations and face challenges head on.
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